In August 2016, Rockhopper acquired a portfolio of production and exploration assets from Beach Australia.

At a glance

Abu Sennan

  • 22% working interest
  • Western Desert
  • 2017 production 760 boepd

Abu Sennan concession (Rockhopper 22%)

Operated by Kuwait Energy, the Abu Sennan concession is located in the Abu Gharadig Basin in the Western Desert. The concession was signed in June 2007 with first commercial production achieved during 2012. In
August 2016, Rockhopper completed the acquisition of Beach Petroleum (Egypt) Pty Limited (“Beach Egypt”), as a result acquiring a 22% interest in the Abu Sennan concession and a 25% interest in the El Qa’a Plain concession.

Production from the six development leases within the Abu Sennan concession increased during 2017 with
production during the period averaging approximately 3,460 boepd gross (760 boepd net to Rockhopper).
Production levels were enhanced in the second half of the year as a result of numerous work over and production optimisation operations primarily at the El Salmiya field.

In 2017 there was a two well drilling campaign on the concession.

Al Jahraa SE-2X

Exploration well Al Jahraa SE-2X, situated on the Abu Sennan-5 (AlJahraa South East) Development Lease,
was spudded on 25 April 2017.

The primary target of the well was the Cretaceous Abu Roash-C (“AR-C”) reservoir in the fault block
immediately to the south of the Al Jahraa South East field. The target reservoir was dry, but the well was successfully side-tracked northwards into the Al Jahraa SE field and oil pay confirmed from wireline logging in both the AR-C and Abu Roash-E (“AR-E”) reservoirs. The well was subsequently completed in the deeper AR-E and put onto production, at a tubular and pump constrained rate, of approximately 250 boepd gross. Following depletion of the AR-E reservoir the well will be re-completed in the AR-C.

Al Jahraa-9

Development well Al Jahraa-9 was spudded on 10 June 2017. The well penetrated five metres of reservoir sand in the primary AR-C reservoir. Wireline logging and a well test across the interval confirmed that, while the sand is water wet, the reservoir pressure is in line with the producing AR-C reservoir in the Al Jahraa and Al Jahraa SE fields, indicating a common aquifer. The well also encountered the deepest known oil shows in the Abu Roash-D and AR-E reservoirs, demonstrating further potential at these levels elsewhere in the concession. During 2018, the Al Jahraa-9 well was converted to a water injection well.

2018 Drilling Campaign

A full review of the prospect and lead inventory for the Abu Sennan concession was completed in November 2017 and through that review a number of exploration targets have been high graded for exploratory drilling.

An active programme has been agreed for 2018. An exploration well is to be drilled on “Prospect S” – located in the adjacent fault block to the Al Jahraa field. Prospect S has a similar tilted fault block trap and is targeting the same Abu Roash reservoirs that produce at Al Jahraa.

The development programme at Al Jahraa includes the drilling of two infill development wells and the initiation of a water injection programme designed to increase reserves and field production rates.