In August 2016, Rockhopper acquired a portfolio of production and exploration assets from Beach Australia.

At a glance

Abu Sennan

  • 22% working interest
  • Western Desert
  • H1 2018 production 860 boepd

Abu Sennan concession (Rockhopper 22%)

Operated by Kuwait Energy, the Abu Sennan concession is located in the Abu Gharadig Basin in the Western Desert. The concession was signed in June 2007 with first commercial production achieved during 2012. In August 2016, Rockhopper completed the acquisition of Beach Petroleum (Egypt) Pty Limited (“Beach Egypt”), as a result acquiring a 22% interest in the Abu Sennan concession and a 25% interest in the El Qa’a Plain concession.

Production from the six development leases within the Abu Sennan concession increased during H1 2018 with
production during the period averaging approximately 860 boepd net to Rockhopper.

2018 Drilling Campaign

A full review of the prospect and lead inventory for the Abu Sennan concession was completed in November 2017 and a drilling campaign commenced in July 2018. The programme includes an exploration well, two infill development wells and the initiation of a water injection programme both of which have been designed to increase reserves and field production rates.

The status of the drilling programme as at September 2018 is as follows:

Al Jahraa-6

The Al Jahraa-6 development well spudded on 4 July 2018 and reached total depth of 3935m MD (-3623m tvdss) in the Kharita Formation on 19 August 2018. Mudlogs indicate the presence of oil in the Abu Roash C, D, E and G levels and the deeper exploration target in the Bahariya Formation. Due to hole problems the full open hole wireline logging programme was not achieved. Reservoir pay is confirmed in the Abu Roash C and D levels. The well is being completed for testing and production, and the programme is designed to examine the moveable fluid phase at several levels.

 Al Jahraa-10

This well will be drilled as a vertical hole to the primary Abu Roash C reservoir objective, in an undrained area of the structure. This well is expected to take approximately 50 days to drill and complete. 

 Prospect S

Prospect S is an exploration target in the adjacent fault block to the Al Jahraa field. It has a similar tilted fault block trap and is targeting the same Abu Roash reservoirs that produce at Al Jahraa.

 Al Jahraa Water Injection

The water injection programme in Al Jahraa began on 14 July 2018.  Injection rates have increased steadily over time, with an accompanying reduction in wellhead pressure, indicating that reservoir injectivity has become established.  Injection rates into the Al Jahraa-9 well are currently averaging approximately 1,000 barrels of water per day, which is sufficient to replace reservoir voidage.