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Rockhopper is the largest acreage holder in the Falkland Islands, holding interests in the North Falkland Basin and in the South & East Falkland Basin.

In the North Falkland Basin, Rockhopper holds 40% interests in licences PL032 and PL033. These blocks were previously licensed to Shell and are located in water depths of less than 550m. PL032 contains the Sea Lion field, which was discovered by Rockhopper in 2010 and extends into licence PL004.

Also in the North Falkland Basin, Rockhopper has a 64% interest in licence PL004, which contains recent discoveries at Zebedee and the Isobel-Elaine complex. In addition, Rockhopper holds operatorship of licences PL005 with a 100% interest, PL003a with a 95.5% interest, and PL003b with a 60.5% interest.

In the South and East Falkland Basin Rockhopper holds a 52.5% interest in licences PL010 – PL016 and a 40% interest in licences PL025 – PL029 & PL031. However, Rockhopper’s interest in licences PL010 – PL012 & PL-016 is reduced to 20% below the APX-150 sands, which were present at approximately 4,750 metres total depth in the Humpback well in PL-012.