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In August 2016, Rockhopper acquired a portfolio of production and exploration assets from Beach Australia.

At a glance

Abu Sennan

  • 22% working interest
  • 2016 economic production 810 boepd
  • Active drilling programme to target near-field upside

El Qa’a Plain

  • 25% working interest
  • First phase of exploration
  • 3D seismic acquisition completed
  • Exploration committment well in 2017/2018

Abu Sennan concession

Operated by Kuwait Energy, the Abu Sennan Concession is located in the Abu Gharadig basin in the Western Desert. The Concession was signed in June 2007 with first commercial production achieved during 2012.

During the second half of 2016, both the Al Jahraa SE-1X exploration well and the ASH-1X ST2 development wells were brought onto production with additional zones in the wells to be brought into production at a later date.

A new development lease of c.30 square km was awarded around the Al Jahraa SE-1X well with EGPC attributing gross reserves of over 9 mmbbl to the development area, a material increase to the net 4.5 mmbbl of 2P/2C acquired in August 2016.

The 2017 work programme and budget for the Abu Sennan Concession sees the drilling of both an exploration and a development well close to the Al Jahraa and Al Jahraa SE fields during the first half of 2017. These wells are aimed at improving the joint ventures technical understanding of Al Jahraa SE as well as maintaining production levels by offsetting natural decline from existing wells within the Concession.

The Rockhopper sub-surface team have been working closely with the operator since completion of the acquisition to both prioritise the large prospect inventory and to better understand the reservoir management of the fields already on production.

The exploration well, Al Jahraa-SE2, which is due to spud shortly, will target the AR-C reservoir in the fault block immediately to the south of the Al Jahraa SE field and which has the potential to increase the Al Jahraa SE field area to the upthrown side of that fault.

On completion of the exploration well, the rig will move directly to Al Jahraa-9, which is a development well. This development well targets the AR-C reservoir at a location deeper than the current deepest oil
penetration at Al Jahraa-4 (no oil water contact has yet been encountered in the field) thereby aiming to prove
additional reserves. The well also seeks to demonstrate the connection between the Al Jahraa and Al Jahraa SE fields through the oil leg. In addition, the operator has proposed two work-over operations during Q2 2017.

The outcome of operations in H1 2017 on the Abu Sennan Concession will determine the activities during
the second half of the year.

In addition, the Company expects to receive final ratification for a 5-year extension to the Abu Sennan exploration licence in H1 2017. Once approved, the Company will undertake to participate in at least two
exploration wells over the next 3 years at a commitment (net to Rockhopper’s 22% working interest) of
approximately US$1.3 million.

El Qa’a Plain concession

Operated by Dana Petroleum, the El Qa’a Plain concession is located on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Suez and contains a number of oil leads identified on existing 2D seismic data. The concession was signed   in January 2014. Approximately 470 sq km of 3D seismic plus 35 km of 2D seismic was acquired in early 2016
and is currently being processed. The drilling of an exploration commitment well is planned in late 2017/early 2018.